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Many of our customers have worked with us over many years, and we have helped them buy and/or sell several homes or businesses. Here’s what some of them have had to say about working with us.

“We have conducted six real estate transactions with the Conklin office. Every one was very professional and handled in a timely manner. We would recommend the Conklin office for any real estate needs.”

– Jenny & Elaine, Saugatuck, MI

“We have purchased three properties and sold two through Conklin Real Estate. We have found the staff to be professional and ethical and have been very happy with the speed of the transactions.”

– Bill Smith, Glenn, MI

“My family had a vintage piece of real estate which we found we needed to sell. There is no one other than Conklin Real Estate to whom we would have trusted it. Frank Conklin and his staff were easy to talk with and showed concern about our listing every step of the way. I’m sure that Conklin had much bigger deals than our house going on at that time but I never felt like I was ‘small potatoes’ to them. I was thrilled at how quickly and professionally the entire sale was completed. Conklin Real Estate has my complete confidence!”

– Kathy Logsdon, South Haven

“In the past 15 years we’ve purchased two houses with Frank’s help. Each time he worked so tirelessly to meet our needs before, during, and even after the deal closed. There is a clear feeling of reliability and integrity in his work; you know you can approach him for assistance regardless of your situation. We’ve enjoyed the experience so much, we’ve never hesitated to refer any of our closest friends or family to him.”

– Rosie Burke & Jeff Heksh, Wilmette, IL

“Kay and Frank were very helpful in the sale of my home. With the help of Kay’s advice and great photos, my house sold in seven hours, at full price. Everything was handled very professionally. Thank you, Conklin Real Estate.”

– Adrianne, Holland

“I have purchased numerous properties where Frank was the realtor, and he has always been very thorough and timely in the negotiation process. He always seems to know where the good investment properties are.”

– Bruce Bruckelmeyer, Naperville, IL

“In the past three decades, I have bought or sold eight houses in four states. Or, perhaps, I should say I’ve endured real estate transactions in three states: Illinois, Colorado, and Florida. Michigan, on the other hand, was a pleasure to do business in due to the fact that I did all of my business with Frank Conklin. He sees what others miss. He spots opportunities and the way to get things done. He’s smart, genial, and on your side! And, to top it off, he’s a nice guy, too.”

– David, Wilmette, Il

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